Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

You need small urban garden inspiration...

Create the perfect small urban garden. Is your yard or garden small on space? Urban gardens have their own challenges: often their smaller size, lack of sunlight, and extensive amount of hard surfaces.

If your space isn't conducive to growing lots of plants and flowers, go for the simplicity of monochromatic hard surfaces and sculptural furniture, as well as repeating one kind of plant multiple times

Get inspired by these creative small yard ideas and pictures:

Small-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-1Small Urban Garden Design IdeasSmall-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-3

Small-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-4 Small Urban Garden Design IdeasSmall-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-5 Small-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-7 Small Urban Garden Design IdeasSmall-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-8 Small-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-9 Small-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-10Small-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-k2 Small-Urban-Garden-Design-Ideas-And-Pictures-k5Small Urban Garden Design Ideas Small Urban Garden Design Ideas Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

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